Juvederm Ultra is an injectable hyaluronic gel that features 1.3% lidocaine, providing the patient with a more comfortable, effective experience. One of the new products in Juvederm’s line of dermal fillers, Ultra is formulated with patient comfort in mind. Patients who come into Euro Image Med Spa for a Juvederm Ultra injection will not only get the smooth and youthful appearance they want, but will also experience a process that is more comfortable than ever before. Juvederm Ultra is not to be confused with Juvederm Ultra Plus, the line’s thicker, more viscous injectable. In comparison to Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus provides more dramatic results in areas of the face with deeper lines. Juvederm Ultra is ideal for individuals with finer lines and wrinkles that are mild to moderate.

The varying products offered by Juvederm allow us to truly personalize each treatment for the individual patient. We are able to address specific concerns and use the product that is most appropriate. Juvederm Ultra is much lighter and thinner than others, making it more suitable for wrinkles and hollows around the eyes and lips. These wrinkles and fine lines tend to be more delicate, which means it is important to use an injectable like Juvederm Ultra, which will not overpower the area.

How Does it Work?

When a patient comes into Euro Image Med Spa for a Juvederm Ultra treatment, they will be directed to a comfortable room where the treatment will be performed. Once the patient is all set, one of our experienced technicians will inject the Juvederm Ultra gel into the facial tissue where moderate to severe wrinkles occur - typically around the nose and mouth. Patients will immediately notice more volume and a smoother appearance to the face, thanks in large part to the addition of lidocaine in the gel.

Following the procedure, there is little to no recovery or downtime. Most patients need just one treatment in order to smooth lines and wrinkles for more than a year. However, please keep in mind that results vary from patient to patient and supplemental treatments may be necessary in order to achieve the desired appearance.

Benefits of Juvederm Ultra

Similar to other injectables, the following are the top benefits of Juvederm Ultra:
  • Restores facial volume loss associated with aging
  • Provides natural facial contouring in order to improve appearance and facial symmetry
  • Restores plumpness and fullness to the lips
  • Minimizes fine lines around the mouth and lips
  • Restores volume beneath the surface
  • Fills in followed areas in the cheeks
  • Sculpts and reshapes facial contours

Individuals over the age of 21 who would like to address concerns that come with aging should consider Juvederm Ultra. If you are healthy and have no allergies or medical contraindications to dermal filler injectables such as Juvederm Ultra, please give Euro Image Med Spa a call today and schedule your free consultation.